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Meet Our Organic, Cold-Pressed Cleanses

Ready to sip into something more comfortable? If you’re looking to reset your routine, conquer cravings, and shake off sluggishness, an organic, cold-pressed cleanse can be a great place to start. We offer three cleanse programs — Standard, Green, and Gentle — to suit every level of curiosity and experience.

Whether you approach it as a seasonal habit or a one-day-a-week rhythm, replenishing your body with easily absorbed nutrients from organic, cold-pressed juices for a short period of time can help you take stock of your patterns, clear away the clutter, and press reset. You can expect to emerge energized, refreshed, and excited to continue on the lifelong project of feeling your best every day.

We’re honoured that you’re considering us as your cleanse co-pilots — we’ll be here with you every sip of the way. You can find more information in our cleanse guide and cleanse FAQs, and feel free to reach out to us at hello@greenhouse.ca or (416) 277-0679 (live support hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm).

Happy cleansing!

The Greenhouse Team

Standard cleanse

Standard Cleanse

Our classic reset.


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Gentle cleanse

Gentle Cleanse

Also known as the "boyfriend cleanse."


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Green cleanse

Green Cleanse

With no sweet fruit, this one means business.


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