Let's Go Steady

Get your favourite Greenhouse products delivered to your doorstep automagically every week, every other week, or every month with a juice subscription.

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How to Subscribe

1. Customize

Visit our shop and add your favourite items to your crate. Proceed to checkout as you normally would.

2. Schedule

During checkout, we'll ask you to select your delivery frequency. This is where a one-off order can become a juice subscription.

3. Bottoms Up!

Your chilled juice will arrive on your doorstep in reusable packaging. This will continue to happen, automagically! Please refrigerate and enjoy.

Start a Juice Habit

We'll remind you before your delivery, and give you a chance to skip. You can also easily cancel your subscription from our website.

Want to Gift a Juice Subscription?

Just enter the lucky recipient's address as the delivery address during checkout. You can save multiple delivery addresses on your account.

Why Subscribe

As habits go, this is a pretty virtuous one.
A juice subscription is a hands-free way to cover your vegetable bases, week after week. Drinking a juice a day is the simplest (and tastiest) way we know of to stay energized and healthy when you're busy. Or really busy. Or just thirsty.

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We deliver across the Greater Toronto Area,
and our delivery zone is always expanding.

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